Single Malt Whisky - Apera/Corn Whisky (Batch 8)

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About Batch 8 (Released November 2022):

Handcrafted from Australian barley and created from a vatting of casks that held Apera and Aussie corn whisky.

We also added a subtle portion from a cask of red gum smoked malt, to further enhance the 'Aussie' flavour profile.

A floral, fruity whisky, with notes of violet crumble and smoky BBQ. The finish lingers with a nostalgic campfire note, hence we gave this batch the name 'Swagman's Ghost'.

Malt profile: Three varieties of Australian malted barley, including a subtle portion of a batch that was smoked with red gum wood

Cask profile: A vatting of Apera and Aussie corn whisky casks

Available at 46% and 54% ABV, 500ml