An Unfair Spirits Tax System Hinders Australian Craft Distilleries: Our Call for Fairness and Support
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An Unfair Spirits Tax System Hinders Australian Craft Distilleries: Our Call for Fairness and Support

Feb 23, 2024

As the founders of Backwoods Distilling Co, we've witnessed first hand the challenges posed by Australia's unjustly high spirits tax. Since our establishment in 2017, we've poured our hearts and souls into crafting exceptional spirits that showcase the best of Australian craftsmanship. In 2020, we proudly introduced our inaugural products, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

However, the path hasn't been without its obstacles. We've weathered a relentless rise in excise taxes, which have increased by a staggering 17% since we launched our first whiskies. Despite these challenges, we've remained committed to our values, refusing to pass these tax hikes onto our loyal consumers. Yet, with biannual tax increases looming, our resilience is wearing thin.

As a small, independent distillery proudly located in rural Australia, we've built our business from the ground up with sheer determination and hard work. We haven't taken on investors or financial backing; instead, we've relied on our passion for our craft and the support of our local community. Our story embodies the spirit of Australian entrepreneurship, and we're proud to be part of the vibrant tapestry of Australian craft spirits.

But the current tax regime threatens to undermine everything we've worked so hard to achieve. It stifles our growth, hampers our ability to innovate, and jeopardises our future. We believe that the Australian government should be championing policies that support small, local businesses like ours – not hindering them with unfair tax burdens.

It's time for a fairer tax regime that recognises the invaluable contributions of Australian craft distilleries. We call on the government to level the playing field and create an environment where small businesses can thrive.

Join us in our cause by sharing this article and supporting your local craft distilleries. Whether it's buying their products, visiting their distillery doors, or promoting your favourites to others, every action counts in supporting Australian craft spirits. Together, let's ensure that the spirit of Australian entrepreneurship continues to flourish.

Bree and Leigh, Founders of Backwoods Distilling Co.