about us

Our Journey

In 2016, we packed up our young family and moved from Melbourne to the picturesque town of Yackandandah in the Victorian High Country region. Our dream? To establish a distillery and craft exceptional Australian spirits that would rival the best in the world.

Crafting Excellence

Since our humble beginnings, our dedication to crafting spirits of unparalleled quality has been unwavering. Our commitment to excellence has been rewarded in award-winning batches of single malt and rye whiskies, alongside a diverse range of craft gins. Each creation is a testament to our passion for showcasing Australian ingredients and collaborating with local artisans.

Capturing the Essence of Australia

At the heart of our craft lies a deep reverence for the Australian landscape and its vibrant flavours. Our boutique spirits are meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of this diverse terrain, offering a sensory journey that invites you to sip, savour, and share in the experience.


We invite you to explore our range of handcrafted spirits, each crafted with love and care.

From the rugged beauty of the Victorian High Country, we hope you'll find something that leaves a lasting impression.

Bree and Leigh Attwood - Founders


We source all of the malts for our whiskies from Voyager Craft Malt, in the nearby Riverina region.

Voyager Craft Malt produce small batch, single origin artisan malts for craft brewers and distillers. Voyager source their grain from local, independent growers and use sustainable agricultural practices. We are proud to be using 100% Australian farmed and malted grains.

Our spent grain is delivered to a local farm for animal feed, completing the circle and making our distillery virtually waste-free.


Our gin range is created with the Australian landscape in mind. The hero botanicals are chosen to represent our favourite parts of Australia.

We source our native botanicals from Victorian suppliers, proven to be sustainable and respectful in their approach to native ingredient harvesting.