Cask Chronicles: The Story Behind Our Vintage Tawny, Single Malt Whisky
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Cask Chronicles: The Story Behind Our Vintage Tawny, Single Malt Whisky

Apr 19, 2024

Introducing our upcoming release: Single Malt Whisky, Vintage Tawny. This latest creation is a real testament to the harmonious blend of time-honoured tradition and contemporary craft. As you delve into the depths of each sip, you embark on a journey that spans over four decades, revealing a story as rich and complex as the whisky itself.

Picture this: over 40 years ago, at the legendary Corio Distillery, our journey began. Here, amidst the clinking of barrels and the scent of malted barley, our exceptional casks first cradled the promise of fine whisky. Yet, as the tides of change swept through the industry in the 1980s, Corio Distillery closed its doors, leaving behind a legacy waiting to be unearthed.

Enter the guardians of tradition and masters of innovation—the Rutherglen wineries. Nestled amongst the rolling hills and verdant vineyards, these storied casks found a new home. For over four decades, they matured luscious Tawny, each passing season infusing the wood with the essence of Victorian terroir, shaping the character of the spirits yet to come.

But the tale doesn’t end there. With meticulous care and reverence for the past, we reclaimed these seasoned casks, breathing new life into their weathered staves. Once again, they were entrusted with a noble task: maturing our Backwoods’ Single Malt Whisky.

As you savour the complex flavours of Batch #12, you become part of a narrative centuries in the making. From the bustling halls of Corio Distillery to the tranquil cellars of Rutherglen wineries, these casks have borne witness to history, their journey intertwined with the very spirit they now cradle.

So, let us raise our glasses to the artisans who came before us, to the resilience of tradition, and to the enduring legacy of these remarkable casks. With every sip, we honour their story and celebrate the vital role they’ve played in shaping the world of Victorian fortifieds and whiskies. Cheers to the past, present, and future of exceptional craftsmanship.

Release details:
Single Malt Whisky, Vintage Tawny
Batch #12, 500ml, 48%, $150
Online: Wednesday 24 April, 2024, 10AM
Distillery Door: Thursday 25 April, 12PM