Rye Whisky, Red Gum Expression (2024 Release)

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The Only Rye Whisky Matured in a Red Gum Cask in the World

Introducing our Red Gum Whiskies, an exceptional limited release collection meticulously crafted and aged in our exclusive red gum timber barrels. Building upon the resounding success of our 2021 sell-out batches, this sequel release promises even greater depth and character. Each bottling encapsulates the essence of Australian craftsmanship, offering a distinctively unique flavour profile that sets them apart from any other whiskies on the market.

About the Rye Whisky:

Malt profile: Backwoods signature rye spirit, crafted from heritage rye, malted barley, wheat and chocolate roasted malt

Cask profile: Red Gum timber barrels, crafted from timber used for Barossa wine vats. Aged three years.

Tasting profile: Raspberry jam on rye toast, dark chocolate, spice and subtle mint note

48% ABV, 500ml