Rye Whisky - Shiraz Cask Expression, 46%/55%

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 A Distinctive Australian Rye Whisky

This distinctive Australian rye whisky is crafted with a mix of heritage rye grain, winter wheat, malted barley, and chocolate malt. Matured for four years in an ex-Shiraz barrel, this whisky offers a flavour profile with notes of rye bread, ginger spice, and a smooth chocolatey finish.

Our most balanced and mature rye whisky to date. If you have loved our Shiraz cask expressions before, you will certainly love this one! The perfect Christmas whisky to enjoy with loved ones (and pairs perfectly with Christmas pudding!)

Available at ABV 46% / 55%


Malt profile: Heritage rye grain, winter wheat, malted barley and chocolate roasted malt.
Barrel profile: Matured four years in an ex-Shiraz cask.
Tasting Notes: Ginger spice, rye bread and a creamy, chocolate finish.