Rye Whisky - Stout Expression // 47%

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Our Special Easter Release: Rye Whisky, Stout Cask Expression

Hop into Easter with something truly special: our Rye Whisky - Stout Cask Expression. A very limited release, this whisky is a delightful treat for your taste buds.

Easter Perfect Pairings: Indulge in the season's delights by pairing our whisky with good quality dark chocolate or even that sneaky Cadbury bunny from the kids' stash!

Robust and Rounded: Aged for four years and bottled at 47% this Rye is robust, yet rounded and easy to enjoy. Experience the familiar earthy, honey, and coffee notes of our Rye whiskies, with an exciting twist: the Stout cask adds layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream flavours.

Less than 200 bottles available. This whisky will be gone before the Easter bunny finishes their rounds! 


Mash bill: 60% heritage rye, 25% pale malt, 10% wheat & 5% roasted chocolate malt
Age: 4 years
Barrel: 200L ex Aussie corn whisky cask, that then matured Bright Brewery Stout
Nose: Bright fresh cut pine, honey and coffee
Taste: Vanilla and chocolate ice cream
Finish: Long and sticky with a late touch of spice