Rye Whisky - White Oak Expression // 46%, 500ml

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Experience the distinct flavours of the Australian landscape with this handcrafted rye whisky. Made from local grains and matured in an Aussie corn whisky cask, this whisky is truly one-of-a-kind.

It's a great addition to any whisky collection or a perfect gift for those who appreciate unique whiskies. Enjoy the rich fruity and cereal aromas, complemented by notes of honey, caramel, and vanilla.


Gold Medal: Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2023

Silver Medal: World Whiskies Awards 2023

Silver Medal: Australian Distilled Spirits Awards 2022


Mash bill: 60% heritage rye, 25% pale malt, 10% wheat & 5% roasted chocolate malt

Cask: American Oak, Aussie Corn Whisky

Tasting notes: Herbal and grassy, the nose also offers mandarin, green apple, and a hint of smoky wood. On the palate, lemon curd comes to the fore, along with cinnamon spice. The finish dries like a rich tea biscuit with a hint of vanilla.